Are moralistic children’s books or stories wholly dead?

    By / October 8, 2021

    Written by Mister Wilson-Astoryplus Children’s Books A good and virtuous life is one of those things that you would think would never go out of style. They would be continuously taught in nearly every aspect of life. Indoctrination of morals would invade every institution and be paramount of nearly all instructions.  Especially with the… Read more

    Should Teachers gift one point if it makes the difference in a student’s letter grade?

    By / October 5, 2021

    Written by Mister Wilson-Astoryplus Children’s Books  The class itself has ended and all the opportunities to impact your grade have passed and you’re one point short! Perhaps you’ve been there as a student where one lousy point kept you from a better letter grade, the Dean’s list or even from passing a class. It… Read more

    Are Children’s books facing their greatest battle ever today?

    By / September 1, 2021

    Reading illiteracy was once widespread throughout the world. That is not to say that most of the world is now literate, far from it. Illiteracy would have be an impassable impasse for all books at that early stage in history. The earliest books written for children were intended to teach and educate them. They were… Read more

    Is it important to choose the perfect children’s book for your children?

    By / September 1, 2021

    What has figured into your decision when choosing children’s book? Traditionally it may have been bright colors, cute characters, a magical storyline, or a book you read as a child that coaxed you to the checkout counter. The books you selected had something “shiny” that you conceived to be gold or golden. It was that… Read more

    Is there a reluctance to scrutinize children’s books?

    By / August 31, 2021

      Is there a reluctance to scrutinize children’s books? Who says that children’s books must earn passage to our children? This may seem like an absurd question to many parents, guardians, and teachers.  Because many of them cannot see themselves being critical of children’s books. A significant number of these adults generally group all children’s… Read more

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