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Astoryplus E-books are our new eBooks series of Astoryplus children’s books. They will be true to the Astoryplus mission to entertain, educate, and empower young children. In doing so……READ MORE

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The Perils of Cory the Caterpillar- An exciting story of chance survival and transformation.

The Perils of Cory the Caterpillar- An exciting story of  survival in a storm

The Arrival of Grand Princess Leandria-A wonderful story of the power of forgiveness

Grand Princess Leandria on the Counsel of the King- A powerful story of the value of the people.

The Path of the Little Porcupine- A fun story of bravery and determination. The Little Porcupine’s Path to the Harvest- A thrilling story of the dangers of harvest time.

Arron the Royal Archer- A boy’s triumphant adventure against the odds.

Arron the Royal Archer & The arrows of Fire- A young Royal turn a mistake into a practical lesson.

The Message of the Writing Spider- A rhyming story of myths to enlightenment.

The Writing Spider A Message of Respect- A rhyming story of Respect for all life forms.

The Legend of Thompson the Gazelle- An Awesome story of the rise to Leadership. Thompson the Gazelle, Legend amongst the Herds – An exciting story of the trials of migrating herds.



Alaina, Girl on a Gunship- a young girl stowaway is discovered hiding on a Gunship. Alaina, Invitation for a Gunship- a young girl receives a royal Invitation to a Gunship.
The Debt Owed The Dolphin- A young fisherman cling to the teaching of his late father. The Debt Owed The Dolphin: Search and Rescue- A young fisherman heeds a call of duty after a storm.

Friend of the Falcon- An offended boy and a you falcon are united by fate.

Friend of the Falcon: Flight to Freedom- The young boy decides to set the Falcon free.
A Stay at The Ice Station- A Scientist’s son visits him and sees firsthand the dangers of a solar Ice Station. The Ice Station: Heroics- A young boy holds the fate of the Ice Station in his hands.
The Journals of Prince Joseph, The Passage of the Prince- A young boy’s fight to claim his birthright as a prince The Journals of Prince Joseph, The Heart of a Prince- A young prince reveals his compassion for his tribe.
The Midnight Monster- Dreams of a monster appear at midnight after an act of bad behavior. The Midnight Monster: Revisits- The dreams of the midnight monster come back with continued bad behavior