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The Perils of Cory the Caterpillar children’s books are now a collection of fun, exciting, action packed stories that will have your child anxious to see …     what the next page or the next book holds. This original Astoryplus book, is now a series entitled “The Perils”. Cory The Caterpillar e-books are our latest all new series of children’s books and the first of the original character to be featured in an extended series. The books take a more in depth look into what caterpillars are exposed to each day that they are in the caterpillar stage of development. Specifically, the books imagine the “perils” of another day as a caterpillar and the many circumstances in which caterpillars face dangers. There are countless parent accounts of how The Perils of Cory the Caterpillar captured their child’s attention and eventually became the first book they learned to read. Our hope is that your children too will fall in love with The Perils of Cory the Caterpillar and follow his amazing journeys. You will have the option to buy them individually or take advantage of our membership offers where the savings are incredible (as low as $2.00 per book)! Release dates TBA