Are Children’s books facing their greatest battle ever today?

Reading illiteracy was once widespread throughout the world. That is not to say that most of the world is now literate, far from it. Illiteracy would have be an impassable impasse for all books at that early stage in history. The earliest books written for children were intended to teach and educate them. They were books of instructions and or lesson books.  Because children’s book was rare, they were highly cherished and could only be used with adult strict supervision. The early books taught such things as Latin, astrology, math, and general knowledge.

With advancements in printing, came the picture books.  They were to serve a dual purpose of attracting children’s and removing the fear of reading or learning. Theses books illustrated games, experiences, and some of the ole tales of romance, battles, and courage.

Later, religion began to influence children’s books. Children’s book was now to adhere to a strict moral code. Now books of magic, and romance were frowned upon. Children were only allowed to read books of religious training. Some of these were of the pattern of learning the Lord’s prayer, a benediction or themes of the fate awaiting children that repeatedly sinned. Beyond the shadows of religion came the fairy tales. These were the first books written to entertain children specifically. They were not solely intended to teach or in-part knowledge, but to amuse. Then there was a timeless idea expressed that children should be rewarded and encouraged to read and that their book should be pleasant but not encourage vice of folly. Children books have stood the test of time with each subsequent obstacle being negotiated with few stumbles and no impasses.

Today children’s books may be facing their greatest battle ever. Children’s books now must defend and survive the onslaught of television, radio, computers, tablets, and cellular phone. They have lost the war of being a physical copy both hardcover and paperback but have adapted to become PDFs, CDs, eBooks, and audiobooks. Unfortunately, the enemy has an endless supply of ammunition such as social media, google, Bing, video games in their arsenal. Armed as they are, children’s books appear to be fighting a losing battle for a fixed percentage of children’s time.

Although these things have displaced children’s books, they have not replaced Children’s books. Children’s books still serve a needed and vital role in the lives of children.  Less children’s books time means that children’s books time must now have increased efficiency and effectiveness. The education and empowerment that children get from children’s books must be given to the best all-around children’s books to ensure that children do not suffer developmentally or intellectually! The best all-around children’s books must entertain, educate, and empower children despite the bombardment of distractions. They must be designed to evolve and advance to meet the contemporary needs of tomorrow’s children. Astoryplus children’s books recognizes the changes needed and seek to develop those children’s books that adequately meet today’s challenges. Astoryplus Children’s Books Blog…




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